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So you want to be a Lawn Mower Racer...?

What to do first?

Join the club and get yourself along to a race meeting and introduce yourself. The boys & girls will be only too willing to talk to you about their respective lawn mowers. You will always learn more from seeing a race meeting in the flesh, than you will by trawling the internet! Bring a camera, pad & pen and take photo’s and make notes as you go.

Once you have seen lawn mower racing in the flesh, you will probably be drawn towards one particular class. It’s a big decision, so make sure you choose wisely! We currently race 6 separate classes of lawnmower in the NWLMRA. Here’s a brief description of them all.

Standard Class

These are unmodified ride on lawn mowers. Top speed 10mph

Group 1

For the more athletic racer, an unmodified lawnmower originally designed to cut domestic grass, self propelled and either roller or wheel driven – Designed to either walk or if you’re up for it run behind.

Group 2 Roller

In their original form, these mowers are designed to cut domestic grass, are roller driven and for the comfort and good health of the rider a towed seat is added. These machines are most recognisable as a lawnmower from all of the classes as they still have a fitted grass box. Top speed 30 - 40mph.

Group 2 Wheels

These mowers are originally designed to cut grass for domestic or commercial purposes, are wheel driven and for the comfort and good health of the rider a towed seat and a torque converter is added. Top speed 35 - 45mph.

Group 3

Un-bonneted lawn mowers designed to cut grass for domestic purposes. Alongside the group 4 machines, these are deemed the fastest racing lawnmowers, reaching speeds of 40 - 50mph.

Group 4

The new breed. A bonneted lawn mower designed to cut grass for domestic purposes. Again, these have a top speed of 40 - 50 mph.

What next?

Once you’ve decided which class you want to race the next step is getting hold of a machine. You have 2 basic choices; either trawl the classifieds for a race ready machine or acquire a donor machine and get building.

Getting hold of a race-ready machine is not as difficult as it sounds, and is definitely the easier way to get into the sport. Ask around at the race meetings and on the forum. Someone almost always knows of lawn mowers for sale.

Building is more time-consuming but is also more rewarding. Please do not build anything without speaking to a Committee Member first. In order to race you need your machine homologated (measured and checked for safety). The homologation team provide you with guidance on what you are allowed to do when converting your lawn mower into a fully-fledged racing machine.

Whichever way you choose it is always worth speaking to the Committee to check that you are doing the right thing!

Go racing!

Pack your freshly built (or bought) lawn mower and all of your kit into your car and turn up and enjoy yourself! At first glance, it is not the easiest of sports to get into, but it is definitely worth the effort. Truth be told, lawn mower racing is just a giant social club. It’s an excuse to get away from your normal life for a couple of days, and relax and enjoy your weekends with like-minded people. And, there’s a bit of racing as well!

So, what are you waiting for?!?